Why I Care and You Should Too

Most people experience great awe when they encounter a lovely sunset or the crisp colors of autumn leaves, or the terrifying beauty of a thunderstorm. The Earth and all of its enchanting environments have the ability to stun and penetrate the souls of many. Likewise, nothing can be more despairing than to stand on a sandy beach and see the myriad of plastic trash that washes up during the tides, to sit there and wonder–where did this rubbish come from and is it too late for humanity to turn this around?  I believe it isn’t. And perhaps you hold on to the same hope.

So it is for this reason why I have stepped up to the daunting task to take on projects that get to the heart of challenges that communities face. Thank you for your interest to do the same. It is my wish that we can be partners in abating and overcome the pollution and environmental issues in order to create sustainable lifestyles that keep our Earth clean.

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